Our purpose at Nooksack Delta Ranch is to raise clean, simple food. Our ranching practices bring health and nourishment to the land we steward, the animals we care for, and our customers.

Our ranching practices and philosophy are constantly evolving as we learn more about natural animal husbandry and sustainability. They are rooted in Leah’s study of tao fawu qi gong and experience raising livestock. We aren’t not pursing a USDA organic certification and instead use ranching methods guided by personal and spiritual ethics. We believe each customer is capable of discerning if their rancher is producing clean meat or not.

Ranching is an opportunity to build fertile topsoil. Rich topsoil produces rich forage, which feeds my cattle and goats -allowing them to gain weight efficiently and feel content. Livestock that are fat and happy is primarily a result of good pasture management and healthy topsoil.

We use natural methods and preventative care to manage our animals’ health. For example, the use of apple cider vinegar in the cattle and goats water works to prevent them from getting worms. Diatomaceous earth on their coat to prevent and/or treat for lice. We have also used bacon grease and Dr. Browner’s soap to treat lice. Our live stock have free access to sea kelp and sea salt so they can manage their mineral and salt intake as need. These are some examples of ways we keep our livestock healthy. All the members owners of Nooksack Delta Ranch have cultivated subtle skills to assess and maintain the health of the ranching ecosystem. Our work is continuously towards aiding Nature’s process (and progress) instead of fighting it.

We rotationally graze our cattle. This means setting up many small paddocks and moving the cattle to a fresh pasture frequently. Leah has moved them as often as twice a day and as seldom as every 3 to 5 days. The frequency in which we move the cattle is determined by the goals with the cattle and the needs of the land we’re grazing. Each paddock has a certain amount of rest time depending on the humidity, temperature, and wind activity.

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